G.James Glass & Aluminium is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of windows and doors, servicing the residential, commercial, and high-rise building and construction markets.


G.James wanted to put an end to a resource intensive process which produced questionable job costing data; and transform it into an effortless process with accurate and useful data.

The process consisted of 100 factory workers manually recording the time it took to complete each job, every day, for the numerous jobs they worked on.


G.James implemented part of Soft Tech’s scheduling solution, which allows them to record the time it takes to complete jobs.

Using mobile devices, factory workers select the job they’re about to work on, and then close the job when they have completed it. The software records the time it took to complete that job.

The software also allows for jobs to be paused for breaks and unloading trucks, and that time is not included in that job’s costs.


12,000 Minutes
Saved every month by automating job costing

9x Improvement in Data Accuracy
Reports with real time, accurate data

400% Faster Job Tracking
Customers can find out the status of their orders faster than before.

  • The implementation of Soft Tech’s solution has saved 12,000 minutes every month.
  • Jobs can be tracked 400 per cent faster than before, allowing customers to be updated quickly and effortlessly.
  • Production data is nine times more accurate, which allows for trusted data to be reported and used, and for issues to be investigated with ease.
  • The job costing data also feeds into their Soft Tech Estimation Software to further enhance the accuracy of quotes. The data is also used for human resource and payroll purposes.
  • The solution has allowed G.James to accurately and efficiently record production data, and have visibility of manufacturing, to continue to grow their business.

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