After having worked with numerous different databases for over 10 years I have always been impressed with how much flexibility Soft Tech V6 software provides and the numerous ways it can be customized to handle the demands of each customer’s unique business requirements.

We recently completed a project with Architectural Window Manufacturing in New Jersey, USA, which involved problem solving for their paint line, and implementing a solution to resolve the issue going forward.

The Challenge:

We have worked very closely with Architectural Window Manufacturing, partnering for several years to develop and maintain their vast line of high-end custom commercial windows. We have collaborated to solve many production issues that help improve both their accuracy and efficiency, so it came as no surprise when I received a phone call recently to help solve a problem on their paint line.

With an ever-growing catalogue of several thousand different profiles and numerous available paint hooks, the problem became how operators could identify the best combinations to achieve maximum efficiency on their paint line.

The Solution:

After listening to the problem and discussing possible solutions we collaboratively implemented a working solution in less than a day.

The solution involved storing all the necessary information on each extrusion in a simple format that could easily be reported on and make it simple to maintain and modify as needed.


I very much enjoy developing solutions for customers, and it is greatly rewarding to hear how pleased they are with the solution we’ve implemented.

During a recent conversation with Architectural Window President, Anthony Laino Jr, I asked how these changes have impacted their production. Anthony was delighted to inform us that the paint line has seen at least a 30% increase in efficiency. “We can now assign any of our staff to the paint line knowing that they have all the information they need to maintain throughput and avoid any bottlenecks on the paint line” said Anthony.

This is just another example of how V6 customization can extend its functionality to solve real world problems and help our customers get more windows out the door.

Architectural Window Manufacturing is one of less than a dozen members of the PPG Certified Applicator Program which permits them to offer extended warrantees on a wide selection of paint finishes. Acceptance into this elite program underwrites Architectural Window’s dedication to quality.