Details of case study

Automating the tendering process by one of our clients, Micos.

About Micos

The Micos name has been synonymous with façades for over 50 years, and provides a vast range of glass and aluminum façade solutions including bespoke architectural applications.  

Micos is proud to say that they are one of the few organizations that manage entire projects, encompassing all the elements of a building’s façade.


Micos was manually processing tender documents, bill of materials and ordering products. These processes involved managing various spreadsheets which contained unreliable data, and was prone to human error.

Micos were looking for a solution which would allow them to speed up their processes whilst increasing their data accuracy.


They implemented Soft Tech’s V6 Estimation Software which allowed them to complete the tender documentation, estimate the cost of glass and aluminum used for large scale projects and create reports from the CAD drawings.

Micos have been using the software for more than 15 years.


Micos Aluminium increased their ability to bid for more projects and produce accurate tenders based on trusted information. The company can follow projects from tender to ordering product, with one reliable dataset.

Soft Tech’s V6 Estimation Software has allowed Micos to grow their business and produce reports based on accurate and real-time data.

‘We see Soft Tech as our partner, than a software supplier. We selected Soft Tech software all those years ago, as it was and still is the industry standard for the window and door industry’ said Micos representative.

To find out more about Micos visit their website.


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