Developed by our people.
The team worked together to decide what was important to them and identify which behaviours would be acceptable. They are now interwoven into the fabric of our DNA.

Walking the talk of our desired behaviors.

We are one team.

Every Minute! Every Day!

Our Values define who we are as an organization.  They are the heartbeat of the company.

Regardless of location or role we are one Soft Tech we all play a part in our success.

We are honest in our dealings and show respect for everyone everyday. We are accountable for our actions.

The focal point of everything we do.

Operational excellence is key.

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, exceeding their expectations is our main focus.

We operate efficiently and effectively striving for excellence in whatever we do. We are results driven and deliver!



With over 100 employees, we are spread across 13 countries with 29 different nationalities adding to the richness of our culture and enabling the team to work alongside people from all corners of the globe who all want to add value and make a difference.

Each office has its own micro culture and we firmly believe in work life balance with minimal expectation of working outside office hours, for most employees.

Why should you choose Soft Tech?

It’s the quality of our people, the complexity in our work and the potential for our future. Principally it’s our people.  They're a diverse group from the gaming industry, telcos, web development, QA testing, ... each one is unique, passionate and valuable.

We’re different.  You will get to work with incredibly smart people in collaborative teams located in a family friendly environment. We promote a healthy work/life balance; 12 hour days are not our style. Being clever is!

This is what the team says

The one thing that makes Soft Tech a great place to work is…
The talent here is extremely competent, driven, and encouraging”
“The fact we can make a positive difference to the end products and users with our work”
“Diversity of personnel, and their interests and strengths.”
“The technical challenges - you're never bored”
“Trust in the employees, Pride in what we do”
“Great working culture