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Pelican Waters Project

Pelican Waters Project

CHGA is a recent winner of a Highly Commended Award at the regional 2021 AGWA Design Awards. This was awarded for the category of the best use of Windows & Doors, Glass, and Glazing in residential projects over $80,000, for a project they completed in Pelican Waters, QLD, Australia. They were also awarded 2021 Apprentice of the Year at the event!

We met up with CHGA owner Alex McMaster, to discuss how using Soft Tech V6 software through their supplier AWS (Architectural Window Systems), helped contribute to the success of the project in Pelican Waters. Head Estimator, Reilly Bauer also joined the discussion. Between them, they came up with the following 5 points when discussing using Soft Tech V6 software to consistently meet customer requirements:

1. Quality and Quote Accuracy

CHGA input data into Soft Tech V6 to check that all the quote items are compliant, meeting rating requirements such as wind loads. This ensures their team is confident that the products are correctly specified for the project.

Accurate pricing is also a very important factor. “With the crazy price rises lately, if we weren’t up to date with pricing, I’d be behind the eight ball – daily! V6 gives us greater confidence in our quoting,” says Alex.

2. Ability to make changes as required                         

On some occasions, there is a need to make changes to a quote after a site visit. CHGA liked that it is not difficult to change the shape or size of a window to conform, or swap items to suit rating requirements. Alex mentioned “V6 holds all the AWS products so we can swap and change very quickly to suit the ratings. In this particular project, we had 618 doors throughout the whole house, but in the upstairs, with the radius curve on the top, a 618 door wouldn’t couple to the radius fixed panels above, so it wouldn’t comply. We were able to easily change this to a 704 door for the architect, builder, and owner to review.”

3. Optimization

Soft Tech V6 also helps CHGA when it comes to gathering the materials required for manufacturing the job. They use the BOM (bill of materials) to understand the raw material requirements for each project. Their shop floor team reviews the optimized cut sheets and fabrication reports to see what materials they can use from their stock items or offcuts before ordering more materials. This helps them to find further efficiencies and cost savings in the project.

4. Integration

It’s very important to CHGA that Soft Tech V6 integrates with the AWS systems. “Integration with the ESP System at AWS is a major advantage for us,” says Alex.  ESP software through AWS is a very powerful tool that helps them to see how the project progresses from quoting, right through to the finish. The ability to integrate systems saves time as there is no need to duplicate data when moving between the different systems. Everything is accessed via one true source of data. Integration also helps to reduce the risk of errors potentially caused by re-keying the project data.

5. Support and Training

CHGA Head Estimator Reilly Bauer using Soft Tech V6

AWS offers CHGA Tier 1 support, but they know if AWS isn’t able to resolve their issue, the Soft Tech support team is available to help. Alex says “support is a big thing for us, huge! If there is drama, you are just a phone call away. We’ll hit up AWS first and they generally knock it on the head 99% of the time, but if they’re not able to, we know that you guys are right there behind us to back us up.” 

Reilly also added, “it’s great software, I use it pretty much 10 hours a day. I’ve gone from not knowing it at all to knowing it inside and out. Learning from the team at AWS, through courses, and just working in it. I’m VERY confident now.”


If you’d like to understand how Soft Tech V6 can help you manage your window and door manufacturing business, visit us at to request a free demo.

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