The use of uPVC as a building material in windows and doors has increased in the past 15 years due to its robust toughness. This trend coincides with shifting global weather patterns. In North America, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 caused over $100 billion in damage. The El Niño effect has caused devastating cyclones in Australia and around the Pacific Ocean. uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is resistant to salt air corrosion, is very durable, and doesn't transfer heat. For houses, apartments, and commercial buildings close to the sea, uPVC windows and doors is an ideal solution.

One-Click Quotations

uPVC is just one material that Soft Tech's windows and doors software provides 100% accuracy for when generating quotations. Our software solution allows you to detail extrusions, fills and components delivering a precise Bill of Materials at the click of a button.

While uPVC is very tough and with no flexibility, Soft Tech's software solution is intuitive and easy to use.

Staff Training

It's game over for complex spreadsheets and versioned documents. During the discovery phase of understanding your business, Soft Tech’s experienced team will provide best practice examples of how workflows move from paper and standalone spreadsheets for quotations to a streamlined process.

Throughout the installation period, Soft Tech’s team will be on hand and available remotely helping to answer all questions and provide continuous support so your business benefits immediately from productivity gains.

CRM Integration

Soft Tech works with you to ensure your datasets of uPVC suppliers are loaded into your customized platform. Soft Tech also interacts smoothly with any CRM software. While generating quotations of uPVC windows and doors software, the customer information can update Customer Relationship Management records simultaneously.

Generate Multiple Online Quotations in Minutes

From within Soft Tech's software, every uPVC windows and doors quotation can be easily found, copied, and modified. Generate multiple quotations when estimating uPVC windows and doors software projects. When customers call, retrieving quotations is simple and fast. Be ready to answer questions from customers about materials contained in their uPVC windows and doors quotation by clicking on the Bill of Materials and selecting dimensions and prices.

Soft Tech's windows and doors quotation software is product agnostic allowing all of the latest product datasets to be loaded into your custom modified software. Secure your future with Soft Tech and enable your organization to win more business.

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You can make modifications to the software front end and improve your workflows so your team can work your way.

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