V6 Hosting Solutions

Simplify your life with Soft Tech’s V6 Hosting Solutions. Remove the need for maintaining desktop V6 installations and onsite servers.

Soft Tech V6 Hosting Solutions

How do you benefit?

The benefits of using Soft Tech's V6 hosting solutions include:

Optimized V6

Seamlessly transition your desktop V6 application to Soft Tech’s hosted services. Our hosting solutions are specified and optimized to ensure you get the best performance out of V6.

Ease of access

Your users can work anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Reliable hosting solutions to keep you online and operational.  

Hardware managed for you

Remove the need to invest heavily in special hardware, servers and storage devices.

Cost savings

Save time and money by removing the need for investing in costly hosting hardware, security and back-up procedures.

Growth potential

Easy scales to your business as you add users and increase activity and back-up requirements.


Because all data is hosted on the web, issues can be resolved quickly and with minimal impact on operations.

Soft Tech's V6 Hosting Solutions are available for select V6 license types only.

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