Precision in the Glass Fabrication Process

At Soft Tech, we understand glass optimization for glass fabricators is critical. There is no margin for error. Soft Tech's software solution optimizes glass cutting reducing the loss of wasted materials from incorrectly designed glass windows and doors.

Avoid reworking designs, loss of productivity and stock loss by having 100 per cent accuracy during the glass fabrication process.

Reduction in Surplus Glass Stocks

Customers of Soft Tech's glass cutting optimization software enjoy the cost savings of reducing their glass stock supplies. With more accurate glass cutting output resulting from Soft Tech's software solution, there is a lower inventory of glass types and quantities required to be held in your warehouse. Save on ordering, sourcing and transportation costs of excessive glass stock supplies.

Optimizing glass cutting software for windows and doors in large retail and multi-residential or commercial buildings will save on valuable cash flow.

Reduce Lead Times from Ordering to Manufacture

Soft Tech's glass cutting optimization software will reduce the time your organization currently takes from ordering to manufacture as with a precise output of where cutting marks are required, the exact quantities of glass can be ordered for manufacture. Avoid sourcing an over supply of product that is not required and avoid potential shipping or transportation delays. Creating a faster lead time using Soft Tech's glass cutting optimization software lowers production costs, improves customer satisfaction and maximizes profitability for windows and doors manufacturers.

Happier Production Workforce

Employee satisfaction is one of the many ancillary benefits of working with Soft Tech's glass cutting optimization software. Removing the guess work out of the glass cutting process, having 100 per cent accuracy and avoiding costly mistakes, the production managers overseeing the physical glass cutting have improved job satisfaction. This translates into a more cohesive working environment and greater productivity on the fabrication factory floor.

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