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Produce 3D Images of Windows and Doors on the fly

For over 3 decades, Soft Tech's powerful design software for doors and windows has enabled residential and shop front design engineers to produce real time 3D images. With the drawing board capabilities seamlessly integrated with Soft Tech's windows and doors software, the power to create frames and view each extrusion alongside detailed component lists gives transparency and unparalleled degree of automation for preparing designs.

Increase Prototype and Design Cycles

For residential applications, Soft Tech's design software is easy to use by both sales folks and non-technical users. Once designs are completed, users can create reliable estimates for windows and doors. This ensures a more rapid and flexible design cycle that increases productivity of your personnel and allows customers to see more design versions. Soft Tech's software allows templates to be created, stored and accessed easily over time.

Soft Tech's one click touch CADLink and Bill of Materials allows management to easily see and list all components for each frame of a window and door.


Image above represents our Presentation View


Image above represents our Presentation View

Create Awesome 3D Designs

Thousands of windows and door designers globally rely on Soft Tech's software solution to turn two dimensional concepts into awesome 3D drawings and render them in real time. Empowering the next generation of the smartest and modern window and door design is a promise we deliver to our customers.

With Soft Tech's design software solution you can:

  • Render images in 3D on screen in a 'Drawing Board'
  • Drag the 3D image in 360 degrees for optimal viewing
  • Drill down on individual extrusions
  • Generate instant Bill of Materials
  • Produce accurate pricing from designs to generate quotations


The Future of 3D Design

At Soft Tech, we deliver on the software promise of providing advanced flexibility in 3D designs, easy to use multi-faceted frame wizards, 3D components, automated dimensions together with grid and snap size fields, ensuring that there is precision in design specifications for estimating and manufacturing of windows and doors.

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