Integrate Software with Manufacturing Hardware

Soft Tech windows and doors manufacturing software solution integrates directly with CNC machining to control exact positioning and velocity. Having the confidence that CNC machining can produce complex 3D shapes that manual machining cannot do accurately, the design team can innovate knowing the CAD drawings will be cut perfectly during the manufacturing process. Soft Tech empowers you to win more business  as our windows and doors manufacturing software ensures higher quality with controlled feed rate, coordination, location and speeds.

Optimizing Labor Costs

Unforeseen personnel downtime increases costs within the production schedule, resulting in lower per unit profits when manufacturing windows and doors. The ability to manage factory workers with pre-planned production schedules using Soft Tech's platform ensures there is no incremental labor costs and maintains profit margins during the manufacturing process.

Remote Access of Manufacturing

In today's digital world, your design team of windows and doors can be located in a different city than where your final production facility is for manufacturing. Soft Tech's fenestration manufacturing software enables you to manage your labor and production schedules from different locations within the factory or virtually when you are off site.

A Winning Solution

Avoid costly mistakes by enabling repetitive jobs during the fenestration manufacturing process to be controlled with Soft Tech's platform solution. Our software integrates the design, estimation and manufacturing processes - providing a winning solution in a globally competitive environment. Controlling your machinery tools with Soft Tech's platform guarantees best practice and gives your business the edge over competitors.

Work how you want to

Our platform is designed to be customized so it works the way you want it to.

We customize for you
Our developers can customize the software to work how you want it to. From business rules and data entry screens, to reporting and integration, and much more.

Customize it yourself
You can make modifications to the software front end and improve your workflows so your team can work your way.

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