Easy to Configure Product Catalogs

Prior to the manufacturing stage of windows and doors, the estimation team will work with designs to estimate costs. A key element of Soft Tech's software platform is the ability for users to rapidly import additional price lists that provide up to date estimations to be generated. Soft Tech software leverages a powerful database, which ensures estimators can quickly import and retrieve product catalogs from various suppliers.

Remove large folders with printed price charts from your estimation process and simplify the management of providing fenestration estimations for residential houses to large commercial buildings.

Visualize 3D Images of Fenestration Frames During Estimation

For more accuracy and reduction of errors in component selection during the design phase, Soft Tech’s software enables 3-dimensional imagery to be displayed. This enables cross referencing of the visual frame views of fenestration designs with the prices, dimensions and weights to provide additional quality control in the estimation process.

Our clients have found that working in table formats with pricing over a long period of time can result in estimator errors yet Soft Tech’s 3D visual displays help relieve the repetition of estimation and improve accuracy.

Built in Calculator and Query Control

Soft Tech’s fenestration software has a built in calculator which Increases productivity during the estimation process as our clients can automatically perform calculations.

With overwriting query control built into the Soft Tech fenestration estimation software, your estimation team will have confidence in accurately forecasting sales, costs of goods and optimizing profits.

Synchronize Breakdowns

As the design team presents many options for the same building fenestration requirements, it is important to ensure estimations can be analyzed by senior management in charge of client liaison.

The synchronization of estimation breakdowns function within the Soft Tech’s software platform provide granular pricing for multiple options, giving management real time information for effective decision making.

Customize Multiple Templates

Working on multi retail and large commercial buildings with different levels creates challenges for fenestration estimators given the large number of concurrent designs being costed.

Soft Tech version has easy template management tools ensuring versions of estimates to be quickly stored and retrieved allowing estimators to copy existing templates for new estimation or variations for new estimates.

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You can make modifications to the software front end and improve your workflows so your team can work your way.

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