Soft Tech Overview

Soft Tech's leading software enables companies to design, estimate and manufacture windows and doors for residential and commercial projects. See how it can save you time, money and increase your productivity. Get more windows out the door with Soft Tech's software.

Soft Tech Design Software Demo

A demonstration of Soft Tech’s design software showing the ease of creating designs, displaying detailed information and how to export the design data. The demo highlights how easy it is to produce more designs for windows and doors, quickly and accurately.

Window and Door Manufacturing Automation

A video demonstration of Soft Tech's software transferring window and door design data to CNC machines. This is a step-by-step guide to show how the manufacturing process is automated and how it increases accuracy and productivity.

Live demo: CNC Automation for manufacturing windows and Doors

In the video the cutting and milling data is transferred for the whole job from Soft Tech's software to a CNC, allowing complete connectivity. When the barcode on the profile piece is scanned the CNC knows exactly which operation needs to be performed and where on the profile piece to perform the operation.