The Grouping Agent in Soft Tech V6 is a wizard like tool used to categorize the bill of materials (BOM) in a way that allows users to view different sets of data only relevant to each specific stage of the quote according to rules specified by the user. This offers the flexibility to save, split and track items by groups for various reasons throughout the business process. 

The V6 user specifies rules to group items together by using placement agents to perform grouping in a consistent and trackable way.  Users have the option to apply rules to specific items, and multiple sets of rules can be applied and deleted at any time, without interfering with other areas of V6 functionality.

In the latest Soft Tech Best Practise Webinar hosted by Feyes Botha, we covered the Grouping Agent tool in assemblies, extrusions/components, nested frames and glass/IGUs, running a real world demo on the latest V6 v3.7 database.

View the full webinar recording below.


Feyes Botha is the Professional Services Manager here at Soft Tech. He’s been working with Soft Tech for over 22 years in New Zealand, on many different V6 projects during that time. Feyes has experience in Report Writing and Macros, and has a passion for stretching V6 to its limits. If you would like to discuss this topic further with Feyes, please email him at [email protected]