You’ve worked hard to build a unique business, with a place in the market having customer value that’s hard to replicate. Why would you compromise that with cookie-cutter software that’s hard to achieve the things that make you great? The answer is that you don’t.

Unless you are in the business of making cookie-cutter windows and doors, you will need software which is capable of being moulded to meet specific requirements. In an age where architects are constantly pushing the boundaries of the possible, with windows and doors achieving ever-more elaborate shapes, sizes and complexities, your manufacturing processes must keep up. And the systems which control those processes, too, must keep up.

And that’s why Soft Tech V6 software offers customizability on three levels.


The first is in the EVA system, which is a formula evaluator and works at the lowest level. This component calculates sizes and quantities, as well as matching components and finishes, for the basic components of a window or door, including the aluminium extrusions, fixings and brackets, and bits of rubber fills and coatings which come together to make a complete part.

It might be relatively low-level stuff, but because EVA’s handling it, it removes a lot of manual work involved when sizes or designs change; EVA does it all automatically, so humans don’t need to check that extrusions and so on are the right size and fit as the design of the window or door changes.


Sitting on top of EVA are macros, the second level of customization available in V6. Macros provide further automation, building on work done by EVA from large prime die holders and making the designs available to fabricators.

Typically, you’ll want to have your own ‘look and feel’ on top of the software interface, and that too, is handled by the macros. When you start a new quote and decide which joinery you are creating, macros can automate these actions and support the user interface to the software. The macros can include design wizards which are built into V6, which themselves are then available for your individual requirements.

A question which often comes up in any discussion of macros is that of security, and there are important similarities and differences between the macros you encounter in Excel, and those in V6. The Excel ones are comparable as they automate complex tasks. Where they differ is that Excel is a universal program, and hence the security risk. V6 macros are secure owing to the software’s highly specific purpose.

The database

The highest level of customizability rests in the database. EVA makes sure every component is the right size with the right colors and finish, the macros make sure the right steps are followed in creating and assembling the product, and the database ties it all together.

‘Construction’ of the database to suit your requirements is therefore a crucial aspect of achieving a system which is indeed aligned with and specific to your business. Soft Tech Professional Services can help with this; it starts with deciding what to put into the database, then fine-tuning it with EVA, and finally automating the interactions with the macros (both EVA and the macros will draw on the database to perform their respective functions).

Importantly, the V6 database is built using conventions and terminology from fenestration and manufacturing perspectives, not ‘software industry’ ones. That means that database terms are immediately recognizable to windows and doors people.


Together, these elements of V6 are what makes it a platform, customizable to your needs and capable of handling even the most complex designs coming through from your customers. The multiple levels of customizability means V6 can do almost anything you need to do with it – but do note that this level of flexibility also means it will take time to install.  More than a standard one size fits all software package. You’ve taken time to build a unique business – so it is with software!