We'd love to hear from you

We would like to be able to talk to every one of our customers but we know that’s not practically possible. So we thought, why not just ask here – we’ve got technology to help us!

If there are areas in your business you think we could help with, have your say and start a new topic in the Soft Tech Support Portal forums. It may be something directly related to our software, or it might be a general problem that you have. Please also leave a contact number and/or email address if you are okay being contacted about it. We will add your feedback into our concrete mixer of ideas to help serve you better.

If you'd like to get in touch directly with Rowan Hick or Tyron Ball, fill in this form below and one of them will be in touch to discuss further.

We know your time is precious, thank you for reading this far, and thanks in advance if you do provide us feedback!