Soft Tech’s ERP software solution provides a full end-to-end ERP offering with Soft Tech V6 + contractERP

Soft Tech’s full ERP solution* is ideal for businesses that want to improve efficiencies within their estimation and manufacturing workflow processes while streamlining inventory and effectively managing financials.

Powerful configuration software

Soft Tech V6 is an industry-proven and best-of-breed configuration (CPQ) software designed specifically for the Window and Door Industry. The software offers an advanced quoting and pricing engine with a focus on generating accurate quotes and managing product configuration requirements. Streamline sales activities by providing customers with quick and accurate pricing information based on their needs.

V6 3.8 UI
contractERP Accounting

Robust ERP Functionality

contractERP's purpose-built ERP for the fenestration industry is supported by industry-standard Microsoft Business Central. Automate, connect and successfully manage production, inventory, and financials to help eliminate redundancies, grow margins, and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Full end-to-end ERP

V6 Contract ERP Solution V2

*The full end-to-end ERP solution is for North American customers only at this time.
For APAC and EU/UK regions, we can discuss your requirements and the applicability of our standard ERP Extension Module.

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