Manage your employees and machine use with one application.

Put an end to tiresome employee and equipment scheduling, and take control of your business with Soft Tech’s automated scheduling software.

Our scheduling module transforms manual scheduling into an effortless process, and allows for updates from anywhere, through the use of portable devices.

Automated scheduling
Streamline your scheduling by automating your employee shifts and production scheduling.

Right staff, right time
Schedule the right staff and ensure adequate coverage and substitutes are available when you need them.

Avoid schedule conflicts
Handle all aspects of shift and machinery scheduling and avoid costly schedule conflicts.

Manage multiple factories
Assign shifts to employees in multiple locations and areas, with substitutes and avoid schedule conflicts.

Build it on time
Better understanding of how many hours a job takes to complete to enable accurate quotes and delivery dates.

Update schedule from anywhere
Staff update jobs from anywhere in the factory, using portable devices such as tablets or scanners.

Manage production from anywhere
Manage production and resources when you need it, how you need it, from anywhere in the factory.

Monitor production in real-time
Make informed decisions for your business, based on real time data.

Health and safety compliance
Automatically update and implement changes to ensure your factories meet health & safety and labor laws.

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Scheduling Module


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