Connecting your CNC machines

Complete your production process and close the gap with our Automation Module. Our solution enables you to easily set up and configure your CNC, milling and saw machines without the need for manual programming.

Our Automation Module transforms your business by using the 3D design data from our Design & Estimation Software and seamlessly transferring it to your CNC, milling and saw machines, without the need of a middle man.

CNC, milling & saw machines
Your one-stop solution to get the most from your investment, make sure that your machines have the right data, producing exactly what your customer ordered.

Rapidly set up your CNC
Working directly from our Design & Estimation Software you can get your CNC machines up and running in no time.

Utilize less skilled employees
Our Manufacturing Software is so easy to use, that even your less qualified workers can operate your manufacturing machines.

Network ready
Say good bye to USB drives and allow all your machines to talk to each other with ease. Our networked solutions, you can streamline your production line further.

From 3D to reality
With our revolutionary window and door 3D modelling software, you will be assured that whatever your customers have been quoted on will be produced, exactly.

Waste less, produce more!
Thousands of customers trust our Design, Estimation & Manufacturing Solutions to ensure their production lines are accurate and reduce waste.

Up to 90% less preparation
Cut out the set-up process and save time. Our software transfers the exact data from the design and transfers it directly to the cutting and machines files.

Free from routine tasks
Increase factory productivity by removing the need to perform repetitive tasks, no more searching for the correct program on the CNC or marking off paper cutting lists.     

Eliminate errors
Eliminate human errors with our Automation Module which ensures that your CNC has the right data, at the right time, to cut once.

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Soft Tech Automation Module


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