We all know the year that was 2020 and will probably recall how one of the first business “buzz words” to come out from the pandemic was the word “pivot”.  Many businesses were at a point where they wouldn’t be able to conduct business if they weren’t online in some way or form.  So began the quick turnaround or “pivot” for many businesses, changing their business models to ensure business continuity.  There are a few blog posts around today that will explain how the pandemic has accelerated our rate of digital transformation.
One of the biggest impacts we’ve seen in the digital transformation of businesses in the window and door industry is the shift to cloud-based services.  In general, it is well publicized that Covid-19 has accelerated customer demand for cloud-based offerings, and we’ve experienced this shift with our own customers over the past 12 months.
From the date of release, the Soft Tech cloud solution has been steadily growing with more and more customers joining each month. On average we have 4 companies join the cloud solution each month bringing with them an average of 10 users. The cloud solution is close to supporting 190 fabricator businesses today and still growing.
4 New Companies per month
10 New Users per month
190 Fabricator Businesses
One of the major benefits our customers have realized in moving over to the cloud-based offering is not having to purchase and support your own server environment and physical equipment. You don’t have to worry about networking your PCs. In fact, just having internet access to connect to V6 is the next key feature to the cloud solution. You can work on V6 from anywhere, in the office, at home, or even from another country. Being that you are only using the internet to access V6, the service you are connecting to has been designed for optimal V6 performance.
With the Soft Tech cloud solution, any new V6 license added is automatically included in the same environment, so your team all have access to the same quotes. Another key feature of the cloud solution is data storage. Users have access to up to 50gig of database storage. This will allow your business to grow without putting a limitation on the size of data you need to process and store.
We have had experiences where customers have chosen to move over to the cloud rather than upgrading their server license. This has been beneficial from an access point of view as they have satellite showrooms and factories that are now all connected in the same environment. This makes it easier to see all the quotes that are being added to the company’s pipeline, providing better visibility between departments and across the business. We also have customers who chose to move to Soft Tech’s V6 from competitor software, as they can see the benefits in implementing innovative services like the cloud solution, future-proofing businesses for many years to come. 
As the Soft Tech cloud solution is based on a Microsoft product offering, we deliver extremely high-security levels as well as 99% uptime.  This gives our customers peace of mind when it comes to the responsibility of processing and storing the data.
If you’re interested in learning about how you can get your business onto the cloud, please get in touch with us here.