Soft Tech V6 Cloud Hosting is available to you now 

Many companies in recent months have chosen to go with agile OpEx solutions to assist with their digital transformation.

Cloud-based systems are remotely hosted by a service provider and consumed ‘as a service’ or SaaS. Typically, this service is charged as a monthly payment rather than requiring an often-substantial capital investment.  This offers the added benefit of cost-savings, increased security, and ease of access from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Soft Tech Cloud Solution has helped many of our customers to move their staff to working from home which many of us experienced during the 2020 pandemic. The benefit was ensuring business continuity throughout various lock-down periods, while giving our customers piece of mind that their employees were staying safe too.

Cloud hosting offers a range of advantages:

Cloud Hosted cloud image

V6 Migration

Seamlessly transition your desktop V6 application to Soft Tech’s hosted services. Our hosting solutions are optimized to ensure you get the best performance out of V6.

Ease of Access

Your users can work anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Secure hosting solutions to keep you online and operational.

Hardware managed for you

Remove the need to invest heavily in special hardware, servers and storage devices.

(Available on Soft Tech V6 3.60.77 or higher; or 3.70.57 or higher.)

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